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We hope you all will join in and sing a few songs with us. We're singing to good old-time tunes, the traditional patriotic and camp kind of long ago, the songs people used to sing in their homes and around the campfire, like "Oh Suzanna" and "Erie Canal."

We sing our songs a little differently though, because not only do we want you to remember these old tunes for the sake of history and heritage, we want you to get to know and feel comfortable with the language of science. So, we set scientific information to these great oldies because what you sing, you'll be more likely to remember. So, while you're with us here at the site, browse around and listen to some of our songs and discover what Lyrical Learning is all about.

Here are a few of the things you'll find:
-to the tune of "Dixie"-
A way to solve a problem, a way, a way
The scientific method is a way to solve a problem
A way, a way, a way to solve a problem
A way, a way, a way to solve a problem
"...musically geared for the ham in all of us-student and teacher alike...release your inner ham."
Lyrical Life Science and Lyrical Earth Science are organized and systematic presentations of concepts, vocabulary, and definitions. They will give you a framework and foundation on which to build your scientific knowledge.
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Good music, good science, good-time learning!